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Through sound financial management, strategic marketing and consistent operating policies, we take ownership in managing our investments while striving to create and enhance communities where people are proud to live and work.

Having a strong understanding of the current and projected financial state of our investments ensure success regardless of the property type. Our team has extensive accounting and auditing experience, allowing us to reduce our total costs through expense analysis, active vendor management and financial oversight.  By creating an operating budget that combines historic, current and projected figures, as well as industry-based financials, we know exactly where we’re going. As we move forward, we monitor the budget and compare actual results to budget financials on a monthly basis.  We avoid surprise cash outlays by performing long-term maintenance forecasts and incorporate them into the annual operating budget.

In our experience, the best marketing is a happy tenant. That’s why we make current and prospective tenants feel at home.  Creative marketing tactics and tenant-focused events drive positive word of mouth, resulting in increased retention, occupancy and reduced turn costs.

Outside of these tenant-focused events, we help our properties establish a consistent, cost-effective digital marketing approach. Each of our residential properties have social media pages, as well as a property-specific websites and online marketing media such as CraigsList, RentLinx and, as needed.

Consistent processes and procedures are key to effective and efficient property operations. Our property management staff interacts with our tenants on a daily basis, as well as personally inspecting our properties on a regular basis to ensure appearances.

By utilizing automation and leading property management software and technology, we improve insight, efficiency and results. This also enables us to offer real time financial reports, more efficient “turn” processes and interactive tenant communications. From tenant portals, web-based rent payments and maintenance requests to rental applications, instant credit and background check procedures, we leverage technology to make things easier for tenants and owners alike.


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